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Your knowledge and experience are valuable in today’s marketplace! It is time to be rewarded for your real-world experience; earn a Life Experience Degree today from one of Almeda University’s many accredited Life Experience Degree programs. A wide array of Associate, Bachelor and Master’s Degree programs are available to help you effectively translate your experience into a valuable college degree.

Full Range of
Graduate Services

Almeda University is committed to your long-term success. Because of this, we offer a wide array of graduate services to all of our alumni. Career counseling, resume preparation, ongoing online educational opportunities, and much more is available to you as a graduate of one of Almeda University’s revolutionary Life Experience Degree programs.

Lifetime Degree
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A college degree is only as valuable as your access (and your potential employers’ access) to degree verification and transcripts. Almeda University offers lifetime degree verification and transcripts for all graduates of their innovative online Life Experience Degree programs at the Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels. It is essential in today’s marketplace that your Life Experience Degree is verifiable for years to come, through your educational institution.

Almeda Offers a
Wide Range of Degrees

Associate, Bachelor, Master, and even Doctorate Degrees are offered through Almeda University’s innovative online format. Is your experience in Business, Marketing, Commerce, Electronics Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing Technology or Healthcare Administration? If so, Almeda University offers a degree program for you, along with hundreds of other disciplines. Browse through our online catalog now for more information.

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I can earn an accredited college degree without debt? Yes. Almeda University’s innovative Life Experience Degrees are reasonably priced and do not require you to go into debt with student loans. Associate, Bachelor, Master, and even Doctorate Degree programs are available at an affordable cost. Almeda University’s Life Experience Degrees are designed to highlight your true expertise and experience that you have gained over the course of your professional life.


Almeda University offers Associate through Doctorate degrees. Most applicants seek Bachelor degrees.
For which online life experience degree do you qualify?


Almeda offers online life experience degrees and college credit for prior work experience, volunteer work, military training, education, and life skills.
Learn which program is right for you.


Almeda University's experiential learning reviews provide qualified and skilled individuals an opportunity to achieve success without debt.
Is debt free education in your future?


Online life experience degrees conferred by Almeda University can help to expand your career options and future income income potential.
Enjoy higher wages and job security.

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If you’ve had training at work or in the military, you may already have college credit. GET PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT CREDITS Tell us what you already know!

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Apply For Life Experience College Degree to Remove All The Career Obstacles

There are lots of individuals who are disturbed over their career. Life experience college degree is a great opportunity for individuals to get their experience valued. Life experience college degree widen the career scope and remove all the obstacles to make that individual achieve career goals and success. Get your skills and experience valued to earn life experience college degree. Learn More →

Follow The Career Advice, Gain Accredited Life Experience Degree & Career Opportunities Will Follow

Career guidance is necessary to get on the right track to success. Successful individuals’ advice working professionals to enroll for accredited life experience degree program to add value to their resume as it is necessary to survive and succeed in the digital age. Working professionals who are willing to attract career opportunities should follow this advice and gain accredited life experience degree. Learn More →

Overcome Your Weakness With Life Experience College Degree

There are many professionals who are not able to experience career advancement because of weak academic record. They can now transform their experience into life experience college degree to complete their education. Life experience college degree will help them overcome their weakness to experience tremendous career growth. Learn More →

Set Career Goals & Earn Online Life Experience Degree To Work Towards Them

Career planning plays a vital role in setting career goals and organizing work priorities in order to achieve them. Working professionals can apply for online life experience degree program to enhance their knowledge and take a big step towards achieving those career goals. Online life experience degree indicates recruiters about the experience of the individual in the field which increases their chances of getting employed. Learn More →
Student Resources - Learning Life Experience Degrees and knowledge skills for continuing education

A Master Degree Today = Bachelor Degree Yesterday

It's been said that a master degree today is equivalent to yesteryear's bachelor degree. Professionals today are increasingly finding the bachelor degree they hold to be insufficient to be considered by many employers. Experienced professionals holding bachelor degrees may qualify for one of Almeda's Master level online life experience degrees.
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Learn About Life Experience Degrees

Get Ahead with an Accredited Life Experience Degree from Almeda University

You need your potential employer to pay attention to your education. One of the accredited life experience degrees from Almeda University may provide the boost you need to move forward in your career or begin a new career. Almeda graduates often have more knowledge than traditional graduates because they've achieved success to their own life experiences. Show your employer what you already know with an accredited life experience degree from Almeda University.
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Likelihood of Unemployment Sharply Decreases with Increased College Degree Level

Whether your unemployed, underemployed, or simply seeking to change jobs or be promoted at your current job, one of the online life experience degrees from Almeda University might be the ticket you need for success. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bachelor degree holders are significantly more likely to be employed than people with only a high school diploma.
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Specialized degree programs offered without classroom time

Retention from Life Experience Exceeds Classroom Learning

Almeda University rewards knowledge. Almeda recognizes that knowledge is acquired through multiple life experiences beyond textbooks. While textbooks provide an excellent source of information, experience from lifelong activities provides retention of detail far greater than reading a text book. That's why the online life experience degrees and alternative degree program at Almeda recognizes these experiences as a valid and important aspect of knowledge.
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Experience counts. Since 1997, Almeda University has been in the educational forefront providing alternative learning for high achieving adults. With a cutting-edge online learning model, Almeda University was one of the first universities to offer life experience degrees and instructor-led online education.

Future Students

  • Life Experience College Credits.

    Do you find yourself consistently being passed over for new job opportunities, promotions or raises? If so, the problem is probably the result of a lack of a verifiable educational degree. As the global economy continues to grow and expand and job growth is on the uptick, you can poise yourself to take advantage by earning an accredited degree based on earning life experience college credits. Chances are, you do not have the time or financial resources to earn a traditional degree over the next 2, 3, 4 years or more. You are not alone. Thankfully, a life experience degree can be earned with considerably less financial investment and in a fraction of the time. Perhaps one of our online life experience degrees is right for you.
  • Nontraditional degree programs for professionals

    Almeda University offers nontraditional life experience degrees and degree programs to professionals. Degrees are available in a wide array of majors and disciplines including Business, Commerce, the Arts, the Sciences, Social Work, and much more. Upon application, you will submit details on your work history, volunteer activities, self-guided learning, small business experience, military service and professional development for review by members of Almeda University’s faculty. Faculty members will carefully consider and look for relevancy in your history to award you with credits to be applied towards your chosen Associate, Bachelor or Master’s degree. Instead of spending countless hours in a dimly light lecture hall, you can earn you degree from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Application Process

    It is time to be recognized for your experiential knowledge. Almeda University enables you to do this. You have chartered your own course in personal advancement and we would like to help you to take these successes to the next level. Almeda University provides the opportunities and resources to enhance and consolidate your educational portfolio. Our life experience degrees and online college degree practices can be the added asset to open the doors of your future. Almeda University offers a wide range of degree and non-degree instruments that can propel your full-sized dreams and life's ambitions.
  • Benefits of a Life Experience Online Degree

    Almeda University provides flexible life experience degrees online through a variety of programs. Almeda University is currently offering associate, master, and bachelor degrees, as well as master and doctorate degree programs in theology and business. These master programs do require a thesis or dissertation. Almeda University also offers nearly 1,000 different non-degree courses, as well as certification preparation programs through their online interface. Studying for online university degrees is a new trend in today’s busy world. For individuals who are working full-time, an online degree is a great way to advance your career without killing your income.


  • My goal of attaining a degree was realized through Almeda by my past college courses that I have taken and also my work life experience. When you think about it, this combination of education and real life workforce experience is an awesome combination. Taking the knowledge from education and combining it with the sweat of the brow. Best of both worlds in my opinion.
    T.B., Tennessee
  • By December 2002 I had landed my dream job with a global company, headquartered in Chicago, that is the leader in their field. I now have a challenging rewarding career that has many open career paths for me to follow. I love my new job and I firmly believe that my completion of my degree with Almeda was crucial in my attaining this rewarding and challenging position.
    K.S., Illinois
  • I always sent the same questionnaire and so many sites I never heard back from them. You were very prompt, and answered all my questions. I checked out your web site, being sure that you were accredited, what further schooling, and qualifications I would require to finish my degree. I was absolutely amazed with the quality of your educators, and the simple process I had to go through to achieve my goals.
    J.M.G., Nevada
  • I received my Bachelor Degree in Health Care Administration this year. By obtaining my BSHC I am insured job protection should the requirements for my position be raised from an Associate to Bachelor degree. My career options are much greater, as I can apply for jobs, if I desire, that require a Baccalaureate degree. There is no downside to obtaining my BSHC. Thanks Almeda.
    B.A.M., Missouri
  • I am very happy about the degree that I received. Since I do have a lot of experience but not enough time to attend college the traditional method, the Almeda program gave me the opportunity to upgrade myself, my business and gave my clients more confidence in my abilities
    R.Y., United Kingdom
  • After receiving my degree in Marketing from Almeda, I was rewarded by the company I work for with a surprise party, an extra week of vacation, and a notification from our Vice President about my achievement, on which all employees were copied. When our new fiscal year began, I was awarded a pay raise commensurate with those already having their degrees. The investment I made with Almeda College was well worth my time and effort.
    M.O., Indiana
  • Prior Learning Assessment degree program gave me the opportunity to better myself, my business and it gave my clients more confidence in my abilities.
    R.B.Y. London, England

You And Your New Life Experience Degree

Life Experience Degree programs from Almeda University are designed for professionals. Degrees are offered at the Associate, Bachelor and Master’s degree levels in a myriad of majors and specializations. Once you have earned your accredited Life Experience Degree, you need to promote yourself, network, and update your resume. Continue reading to learn more.

The “New” Old Style Of Learning – The Life Experience Degree

Before there were colleges, trade schools and universities, people learned through mentoring, internships and apprenticeships. The result was highly skilled and talented doctors, lawyers, tradesman, scientists, philosophers, and more. Today, many professionals are returning to the “new” old style of learning and being rewarded for their real-world experience and knowledge by earning a Life Experience Degree. Continue reading to learn more about Almeda University’s accredited degree programs based on your life experiences.

How To Apply For A Life Experience Degree Through Almeda University

The thought of applying for a Master’s Degree can be overwhelming; however through Almeda University, the process is quick and simple. It takes a bit of planning and preparation on your part however. Continue reading to learn more about how to earn a Life Experience Degree quickly through Almeda University, and the steps you need to take for success. Accredited Life Experience Degrees are designed for professionals with commiserate experience in their areas of specialty.

All You Need To Know About Life Experience Degrees

Life Experience Degrees from Almeda University are the quick and affordable option for professionals seeking to update their educational credentials. Unlike a traditional college degree program, Life Experience Degrees are earned 100% online and are awarded based on the knowledge and expertise you have gained over the course of your life. Below we dive into all you need to know about these innovative and affordable degree programs.

The Best Online Resources For New Graduates

If you have just earned a Life Experience Degree from Almeda University, it is essential that you take the time to update your resume, cover letter, and start seeking a new job. It is time to take advantage of your new degree. Continue reading to learn about the best online resources for graduates of a Life Experience Degree program and hints to update your credentials.

Almeda University Focuses On Innovative Learning For Life

For over 15 years Almeda University has been the leader of nontraditional degree programs, including Life Experience Degrees. But, Almeda University is so much more than that! Many students find that once they earn one degree, they work their way up, earning more and more advanced degrees and taking advantage of a variety of e-learning opportunities. To learn more about Almeda University’s innovative degree programs, continue reading this blog.

Earning A Master’s Degree Without Crushing Debt

The rising cost of higher education and the lowering of wages and benefits has created a challenge for professionals seeking to earn a Master’s Degree. Traditional Master’s Degree programs can cost anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000, depending on the program and school of choice. Grants, scholarships and student loans have diminished leaving students seeking a degree with crushing debt, for decades to come. A viable alternative for professionals, which does not require the time or the financial commitment, is a Life Experience Degree that is based wholly on prior learning. Through Almeda University, they are availab

Cutting-Edge College Degrees

Get on the cutting-edge of the evolution of education by earning a Life Experience Degree at the Associate, Bachelor or Master’s degree level through Almeda University. The evolution of the higher education system over the last decade has seen the development of online degree programs, and niche degrees to allow students to focus on a particular area of interest. Earning an advanced college degree today can help you get the promotion or new job that you desire, bypassing the competition in today’s tough job market. Learn more about Almeda University’s nontraditional competency based degree programs today.

Progress Your Career With Online Life Experience Degrees

Almeda College is offering the best accredited online programs that helps students and working professionals to gain online life experience degree on its successful completion. Online life experience degrees are being offered in wide variety of subjects like business management, computer science, engineering, human resource management and many more and working professionals should acquire online life experience degree to achieve all their goals and targets. The online life experience degree programs being offered by Almeda College are not only accredited, these are accepted and valued all over the world. The rise in competition in nearly every industry has increased the demand of experienced professionals and reputed firms are seeking for graduates who have online life experience degree to include them in their workforce and to benefit the organizations with their experience and knowledge.